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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Militarization of the Westfield Police Department

     As a blizzard is set to hit the tri-state area, Westfield braces for what could be a record breaking storm across New Jersey.
General Wayman
     If you see military assault vehicles driving around Westfield tonight and tomorrow during the storm, driven by police officers, don't be alarmed.   There's no terrorist attack unless you consider Al-Qaeda to be disguised as Mother Nature.
     Westfield Police Chief David Wayman, aka "fobbit," has turned in his police uniform in exchange for the "fruit salad" display on his chest and requests that all subordinates refer to him as General Wayman for the duration of the storm.
"Deuce and a Half"
     If you don't already know, Westfield now owns a minimum of six military vehicles including a military personnel transport vehicle referred to as a "deuce and a half" often used by the national guard to rescue people from flood ravaged areas.
     No longer will the residents of Westfield have to flee to their rooftops to escape the rising waters of Mindowaskin Pond waiting to be rescued.
     What's next?  Maybe a helicopter or an amphibious vehicle?  Another example of wasteful spending and mismanagement?
     Westfield still has roads in need of repaving for over 25 years.  The reduction in public safety personnel within the police department and fire department, to all-time lows under Mayor Skibitsky's leadership, hasn't saved the taxpayer a dime as property taxes continue to rise and services are cut.
     Mayor Skibitsky just finds other ways to waste the surplus of money realized from these cuts.
     So, the next time Mayor Skibitsky tells residents he is operating a budget that includes salaries at a level comparable to 2006, don't believe the hype.  His "Doing more with less" campaign slogan is all smoke and mirrors.
Time to fire up the snowblower.


  1. Did they pay for those vehicles?

  2. General? More like Colonel Klink! Total power hungry douchebag.

  3. oh my god its going to help.......dave what are we going to do........douche

  4. maybe he should just go back and play the tuba...

  5. Hey why is Dave getting this surplus equipment.....I thought that since Westfield hosted the National Guard Armory if there was a problem Westfield would be the first to get help from them.....

  6. I'm sure our top cops won't fall asleep at the wheel!

  7. I remember when Dave went crying to his SGT about not getting a medal for catching a shoplifter from Lord and Taylor.........I dont know how this ass look in the mirror and doesnt cut his own throat.....

  8. This is over the top overkill. No need whatsoever.

  9. Do you have details on these six vehicles (descriptions, cost, date acquired, location, etc.)? Or pictures? It's difficult to pass judgment on stock pictures and unsupported claims.

  10. Any news on this?