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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Mayor McBitsky: Sunday Morning Funny Page

     Mayor Skibitsky may not be a full blooded Irishman, but he has no reservations about wasting Westfield taxpayer money by sending police department personnel and equipment to Hoboken for a drunkin' bar crawl, once again, for the city's St. Patrick's Day celebration.
     Westfield's emergency mobile command center was in Hoboken yesterday for that city's annual bar crawl.  The command center was absent from a municipality that, in the event of an emergency, would not have its $300,000+, taxpayer funded asset, ready and available.  Not a very "sober" decision.

1 comment:

  1. Just an idea to keep city budget in check, charge a "fee" to attend council meetings with an additional seat "fee" and lets not forget the parking "fee" no increase in taxes, problem solved. Next could be the pothole fixing "fee", Conservation Center fence fixing "fee" and the tree replanting "fee"