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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Political Police Promotion

John Ricerca
     Westfield Police Chief David Wayman recently promoted Officer John
Ricerca to the rank of Captain.  Ricerca's meteoric rise through the ranks from patrolman to captain has many shaking their heads in disgust over the backroom politics that have been alleged to have taken place to promote someone that ranked near the bottom of the promotional testing results for the rank of lieutenant not long ago.
     Ricerca had been accused of allegedly circumventing his own police union, PBA Local 90, to obtain the pay raise of a lieutenant while he served as a sergeant in the detective bureau at a time when town officials claimed money was tight.  Chief Wayman passed over, what appeared to be, more deserving candidates. 
     There are no testing procedures for the rank of Captain and the promotion is made at the discretion of the chief of police.  Ricerca surely knows how to play the political game.
     TFoTM congratulates Captain Ricerca on his accomplishment and wishes him the best of luck leading the department's patrol division supervising superior officers he "leapfrogged," supervisors that have served in their respective ranks longer than Ricerca.


  1. wonder how many dinners that cost him

  2. Once again Jimmy G keeping his word, While swearing Parizeau in and needing some VALID excuse to promote John P , Gildeas stated that Higher Education is the key to his Chiefs and Captains in WPD, College Educated candidates are our future. Let's add up Waymans and Ricercas college credits . And the answer is Zero

  3. How do you know when Gildea is lying?
    Whenever his lips are moving.

  4. No dinners, just a set of 36Ds

  5. sell your soul.....FOR WAYMAN....what a joke

  6. Meatballs for everyone!