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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday Funny Pages "....and the Oscar goes to......"

Councilwoman Neylan
     On Tuesday night, "Acting Mayor" JoAnnn Neylan filled in, once again, for an absent Mayor Andy Skibitsky.  Skibitsky has been a "no-show" at council meetings this year and is on track to surpass last years absenteeism rate.
     So, one week removed from the "Oscars" ceremony that awards actors, actresses, directors, and others in the motion picture industry, TFoTM awards the "Best Supporting Mayor" award to Acting Mayor JoAnn Neylan.
     Great job JoAnn, keeping the Mayor's seat warm while he is absent once again.
     Neylan's significant role could be an indication of her party's desire to thrust her towards the Republican nomination for Westfield Mayor someday.  Not only would she be the Republican Party's first female candidate, if she's elected in the general election, she'd become Westfield's first female mayor.  
     Somewhere, Skibitsky is writing a script to a movie that casts him in a role as an elected politician in Trenton's legislature.  Others, are hoping that any political sequel to a Skibitsky administration is pure fiction.

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