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Friday, July 03, 2015

"The Watcher"......Harassment or Hoax

     Who is "The Watcher?"  the question remains unanswered but speculation continues as a lawsuit has been filed, Hollywood explores a motion picture or television movie deal, and police continue to investigate.
     Previous news stories have reported that the Broaddus family received two letters from "The Watcher" and a third letter was sent to the previous owner just before the sale of the home.
     Recently, it was reported that the Westfield Police were not in possession of any letters from "The Watcher" that predate three letters received by the Broaddus family.
     Like many desirable homes in Westfield, 657 Boulevard was the center of a bidding war that was won by Derek and Maria Broaddus leading some to believe that perhaps a jilted losing bidder or real estate broker might be behind the menacing letters.  A 6% real estate commission to be shared between the listing and selling agent, on a $1,355,657 purchase, would amount to a $81,339 commission.
     TFoTM has learned that Westfield Police had received numerous calls from an angry neighbor shortly after work began on the property after the closing when the Broaddus family took ownership.  Some believe "The Watcher" might be an angry neighbor unhappy with renovation/construction noise or that the house's character and charm was being altered.
     Why did the Broaddus family initially report "The Watcher's" menacing letters to the Union County Prosecutor's Office and not to the local Westfield Police Department?
     When asked why the Broaddus family initially contacted the UCPO and not local police, a law enforcement source not authorized to speak about the ongoing investigation stated, "Would you trust the Keystone cops that are running our detective bureau?"
     Westfield Department records list officers Leonard Lugo and John Ricerca as the last two supervising officers of the detective bureau.
     If John List could remain on the lam for the better part of two decades, why not "The Watcher?" Perhaps, because the difference this time around is that Westfield Police Chief Dave Wayman's "Elite" personnel aren't in charge.
     "Elite"......that is how he has referred to his subordinates.

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