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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WPD's Aquatic Investigator & Alcohol Infused Interview with Leader Editor

Blogger interviews Westfield Police Detective described as looking like "a fish."
Blogger interviews Westfield Leader Editor Horace Corbin during "Horace's Happy Hour"
Westfield Leader Editor Horace Corbin
Photo Credit: Christian Hansen/Gothamist

     Westfield Police have not revealed any further information on their ongoing investigation.

See blogger link below.....entertaining to say the least.

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Photo Credit: Christian Hansen/Gothamist


  1. I guess that vodka Horace was drinking had truth serum in it. I think he is right on the money with his view on the alleged "Watcher". He seems pretty sensible to me.

  2. Horace Corcin is a clown.