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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dear Anonymous: A Recent Coverup by Intimidation?

     In a previous TFoTM posting, a comment by Anonymous asked if there was a more recent incident covered up by Westfield police to protect one of their own.
     The question posted was, "How about something that might have happened in this decade, or with the current chief?"
     Here is something that happened in the last decade that allegedly involved the Westfield police chief.
     Chief David Wayman travelled to Toronto, Canada to play in a softball tournament with a group of other law enforcement officers.  He travelled with another Westfield police officer.
     Allegedly, after a night of drinking, and while walking the streets of downtown Toronto, Wayman allegedly broke the plate glass window of a liquor store and stole a bottle of alcohol from a display.
     When TFoTM was attempting to confirm facts of the alleged incident which included speaking to a detective in the Toronto police department that runs the softball tournament, I was paid a visit by the Westfield Police department at my home.
     Two Westfield police officers rang my doorbell and I was told, by them, not to make any further contact with the Toronto police.  I was not given a reason why.
     Why was I being silenced by local law enforcement while attempting to investigate a crime allegedly committed by Westfield police chief David Wayman?
     It's time for town officials and county law enforcement to intervene and look into Wayman's past issues regarding racial profiling, questionable practices as a Union County police academy physical fitness instructor, and his off duty indescretions.
     Another incident involving alleged sexual harassment at the FBI training academy that Wayman was allegedly a party to, should be questioned.
     Mayor Andy Skibitsky has recently expressed his displeasure, to others, with Chief Wayman.  Problem is, he approved Wayman's promotion to police chief despite multiple warnings, not to promote him. Skibitsky is stuck with him.  Unfortunately, so are we the taxpayer.
     Anonymous, if you want to read about another alleged cover-up involving Westfield police chief David Wayman, read "Theft from a Police Department Safe? An Inside Job?  You can find the story at the top of the webpage side bar.....just click on the link to the right, at the top of the main page.


  1. Wow how history just continues to repeat itself at WPD. Remember when Old Barn Tracy sent Detectives to Michelle Alverezs home to silence her about talking about her affair with Old Barn and her subsequent pregnancy, she was threatened with being arrested for some bogus charges that all Barns Men were going to swear to. Be careful GK they will make up more fairy tales against you. In case you need a trail of evil at WPD it goes Bell to Tracy to Wayman as the true destroyers of WPD with many second string players along the way. Its amazing how criminals have ascended thru the ranks at WPD and if you dare to cross them or expose them your ousted, right GH and Don F and Steve E etc etc etc

  2. that is 100% true

  3. Hey did Zod detail the esu to Hoboken this morning.....

  4. MSOC was activated and they got back as fast as they got there. Surprised the CRTU didn't go though.

    1. That is correct. The emergency mobile command center was in Hoboken today. As fast as Kleeman, Battiloro, and Chief Wayman arrived in Hoboken, they were turned away.
      Wayman seeks glory anytime/anywhere he can find it to counteract the recent negative opinions of other town officials.

    2. Wayman heard there was free food being given to first responders and he hadn't eaten his breakfast at Vicki's yet.
      His girlfriend had to eat alone.

  5. How is that CRT Unit doing?

  6. What a laughing stock. much longer will the taxpayers of Westfield put up Zod and his antics.....

    1. The taxpayers have no choice. Mayor Skibitsky and Town administrator Jim Gildea refused to listen to the repeated warnings by police officers and residents, myself included, that Wayman and his "antics" would cost taxpayers.
      Unnecessary equipment, lawsuits against the town, town attorney fees, and other "priceless" items and decisions involving Wayman have cost, and will continue to cost, the Westfield Taxpayer.
      The past 3 police chiefs have been a "bust" for town officials. Barney Tracy, John Parizeau, and now Wayman, have set the department back in terms of morale. The favoritism in the hiring process and promotional opportunities within the ranks of the police department have eroded the confidence of the rank and file.
      Until Skibitsky leaves office for a higher state office, because he isn't relinquishing the mayor's office, and Jim Gildea is gone, Westfielders are stuck with Wayman.
      One has to wonder what Wayman used as a bargaining chip to ascend to the rank of chief. He was not the most educated or qualified of the candidates during the past two police chief selection processes but yet was given rave reviews by Mayor Skibitsky and Jim Gildea.
      Wayman's true colors have blossomed in recent months and the mayor, town council, and town administrator have all taken notice. It's time to cut the Wayman lose and try again.
      Perhaps Dave Wayman will legally change his first name to "Wayward" because ever since he was elevated to police captain, and then onto police chief, the SS WPD has been steered into an abyss.

  7. Even under a new mayor and/or Administrator isn't a chief's position protected in New Jersey? I thought they had the job till they retire or commit a major crime. Is it possible for a new mayor to just appoint a new chief?

    1. They are appointed to the position. However, when a police chief becomes an embarrassment like Barney Tracy became towards the end of his tenure, town officials can put pressure on the police chief to retire.

  8. The town could get rid of him by demoting him and replacing him with a competent replacement or he can just retire and go away with his ego he'll take retirement rather than being embarrassed by the demotion. Then he and secretary can have the 2 hour lunches in peace