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Friday, September 16, 2016

It Happened There, It Happened Here...Only It Was Covered Up

 Retired Scotch Plains police chief arrested for drunken driving following motor vehicle accident in South Plainfield.


  1. Proof it happened here?

    1. I recommend to do, what Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky recommendeds I always do, file an OPRA request with Rahway. Request the accident report involving disgraced Westfield police chief Bernard "Barney" Tracy that occurred on or about December 31st, 2005.
      He allegedly struck a building and parked cars and the Rahway police responded to the scene.
      Rahway police chief John Rodger is the brother of Westfield Lt. Jason Rodger and former Capt. Scott Rodger. Sources have confirmed that Rahway Police Chief John Rodger responded to the late night:early morning accident scene.
      Also, read about the current fiasco in Rahway that involved the Rahway Mayor getting into an accident with a town owned vehicle and wasn't administered a breathalyzer test that's required under Rahway policy.

    2. How about something that might have happened in this decade or with the current chief???

    3. See story posted last night. It addresses your request.