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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mayor Skibitsky Refuses to Respond to Calls & Emails Addressing Pedestrian Safety

     So much for Mayor Skibitsky's claim that his administration is transparent and open to communication with residents.
     Multiple emails and phone calls remain unanswered by Mayor Skibitsky regarding questions surrounding the new town ordinance mandating that motor vehicles be removed from Westfield roadways when a snowstorm of 3" or more is predicted.
     Skibitsky refuses to answer why he has the police department enforcing this new town ordinance when an ordinance requiring the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks has been on the books for decades and is ignored by town officials.
     Snow covered pedestrian walkways/sidewalks, accessed by school students, are a hazard and safety issue in need of immediate attention.
     Downtown sidewalk "sandwich boards" advertising a stores menu are also banned by town ordinance and with springtime just around the corner, Mayor Skibitsky will no doubt turn a blind eye to the enforcement of the town ordinance.
     This "selective enforcement" of town ordinances is quite obvious when you consider Mayor Skibitsky having his zoning official recently warn the residents/owners of a fence on Rahway Ave. to remove a "love trumps hate" banner and dozens of heart shaped messages attached to the fence.
     Mayor Skibitsky has his town ordinance enforcement priorities all screwed up.  How about addressing the safety related ordinances, Mayor.  How about enforcing all town ordinances instead of the ones that benefit you politically.
     Voters need to remember this coming November, at the polls, when Skibitsky runs for another term in office as Mayor of Westfield.
     Skibitsky has gotten way too comfortable smiling for the cameras at ribbon cuttings, rescue squad dinners, resolution announcements at town council meetings.....when he actually shows up......and other photo ops for publicity.
     It's time for new leadership.


  1. Boo Yah- Mayor Dblitsky is a on his way out, Thank GOD. He is most likely aligned with another disgrace in Janice Siegel. She is filling Andy's agenda on a regular basis. I wouldn't be shocked if there was some collusion on the issues the FOM identifies in the above article.

  2. I just read read where the Downtown Westfield Commission rescheduled the parade till Monday during Rush hour. Glad I won't be coming home from work in that mess. But I am sure Zod and his but buddies will handle it.