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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Westfield Mayor Skibitsky Ignores Pedestrian Safety Request

     On January 10th, The Fact of The Matter posted a picture of the un-shoveled ADA (American with Disabilities Act) ramp/sidewalk installed at the HAWK pedestrian crossing at the cul-de-sac intersection of Cambridge Rd. and Central Ave.
     This crosswalk's location was requested by Mayor Andy Skibitsky and the Westfield Town Council.
     The construction of the sidewalk requires it to be maintained, but the town refuses to do so even when the safety of elementary school children is at stake.
     The picture below was taken this morning, 36 hours after Tuesday's snowstorm.  An email to Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky and 3rd ward councilmen Mark LoGrippo and David Oliveira included this picture and asked when would the Town shovel the ADA ramp and adjoining sidewalk.
     No response has been received.
Central Ave HAWK Pedestrian Crossing


  1. Mayor Sblisky is a moron. The guy couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag. Oy, its so HUMID

  2. Great Blog- GP. I really appreciate the candor and honesty. We will eliminate Mayor Dblicsky. He is a MORON. Make America Great Again