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Friday, March 31, 2017

Westfield Police Chief David Wayman Hypocritically Disciplines Subordinate


     Should a police chief plagued with past disciplinary issues himself, be judge, jury, and executioner, in the decision to levy disciplinary penalties on a subordinate?
     Should a police chief that knowingly broke rules and regulations and allegedly criminal law, during his career as a police officer, be involved in any part of the process that resulted in a recent decision to penalize a subordinate?
     Why is a police chief that was never disciplined after he had his service weapon stolen while he partied with scantily clad women in an "adult entertainment" bar, judging anyone?  Keep in mind, the stolen police issue 9mm handgun was subsequently used in a crime and recovered after an arrest was made.
     Why is a police chief that has allegedly been banned from instructing at the Union County Police Academy, due to an incident with a police recruit, allowed to sign off on any subordinates departmental discipline?
     How can a police chief, who during his career had criminal charges filed against him by another police officer, that if found guilty of those charges would have had to resign from his job or face termination, institute disciplinary actions against anyone?
     A Westfield police chief that has avoided disciplinary penalties for infractions that violate departmental rules and regulations, and potentially criminal law, recently approved of the penalties levied on a subordinate police officer.
     The police officer was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Lawrence Ave. & E. Dudley Ave.  The officer was transported to the hospital for treatment after his patrol vehicle rolled over and onto the front lawn of a residence.
An internal investigation resulted in the following penalties to the police officer:
*Loss of vacation time for a period of 2 years.
*Suspended from overtime off-duty jobs for 9 months.
*Suspended from duty for 2 weeks with loss of pay.
     The fact of the matter is that Westfield Police Chief David Wayman shouldn't have any authority with regards to the disciplinary actions levied on subordinates.  Time and time again, Wayman has committed violations of departmental rules and regulations with impunity, taking advantage of the relationship he has had with disgraced former police chiefs Bernard Tracy and John Parizeau.


  1. What was the disciplinary action against the police officers involved in violating the Rolnicks civil rights when they stormed into the house violating arrest search and seizure law?

    1. Rolnicks got $1 million settlement. Police officers, no discipline, Wayman doesn't discipline his henchmen.

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW- This can't be serious. Captain Zod at it again. He is a disgrace, a fookin disgrace to be allowed to oversee an entire police department. This poor officer has lost vacation, OT and pay for a motor vehicle accident? Why hasn't ZOD been prosecuted for all the above?

  3. Wayman gets off on other people's misery. This guy is a sociopath.

  4. The guy is a joke and an embarrassment to law enforcement world wide.

    What you should do is check out the new article of the NJ LESO program on It can be search specific to westfield with details and values of vehicles and items selected by Wayman.

    Why does the town need body remain bags?!

    1. Tried to find it can you help

  5. Zod gets off because he was Barny's iligigiment child

  6. Did you ever wonder how Zod can shave in the morning and not slice his throat after all the shit he has done and now should someone else do the same thing they are nailed to the cross

  7. Zod is following in his teacher's footsteps. ....Zod is third generation of narcissistic ass first was Bell who groomed Barney......Barney groomed Zod and now you're in a world of shit

  8. Hey Zod you should search and read for an article about the NJ ex chief who is charged with hate crimes this should be you

  9. It's only a matter of time before Zod becomes a sexual harassment complaint. ...he will follow the lead of Matt Lauer, Congressional officials even men of the cloth (remember Jim Baker).

  10. I’m surprised his secretary hasn’t joined the “Me Too” movement.