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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Westfield Police Chief demotes police sergeant after internal affairs investigation reveals insubordination and other alleged departmental violations related to his position as the school resource officer (SRO) at Westfield High School. 
More to follow. 


  1. Is the CRTU being investigated for stealing time too?

  2. Stealing time = theft = 4th degree crime
    Stealing time in the course of your duties as a police officer = 3rd degree crime
    Stealing time in the course of your duties as a police officer = official misconduct = 2nd degree crime
    Questions remain and will be asked as to why the police officer wasn't terminated.

  3. Maybe you should stick to what you wrote until you have "More to follow."

  4. You must have a lot with all the filler

  5. Is the CRTU involved with an investigation for stealing time as well?

  6. So it starts.......July 4th.... Let the fireworks begin. You knew this day would eventually come Kasko.

  7. Still waiting...

    Ya got nothing

    1. Waiting on official confirmation from the town.