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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

WPD Demotes Supervisor

A Westfield police officer was entrusted with the safety of students at Westfield High School.  The Westfield Board of Education and the Town funded the salary and benefits of this officer while he was assigned to the high school as a school resource officer.
Ultimately, Westfield taxpayers are on the hook for the cost of placing an officer in a school.
The officer was assigned to the high school at a time when there was a heightened alert in our nation's school systems after numerous "active shooter" incidents.
The Internal Affairs investigation conducted by the WPD was done with the utmost secrecy in an attempt to cloak the investigation from prying eyes.  At the center of the investigation is the alleged theft of time that occurred when the officer was allegedly absent from his assignment at WHS.
This is not the first time that a police supervisor has been caught stealing time from the Westfield taxpayer.


  1. When Rowe stole time what was done Nothing why is this office being cruised by Zod

  2. Hey Zod you should have been fired when your gun was stolen while you were in a strip club

  3. You still haven't come up with any breaking news. You simply elaborated on your earlier post.

    I guess we'll wait for "more to follow"

  4. The dirt that Sgt. Johnson, now Ptlm. Johnson has on Chief Wayman probably saved his job. He should've been fired.

    1. When your mother is bed with Morgan that will save your job

  5. Where is the update???? Come on its been weeks....

  6. Everyone has dirt on Wayman... so does that mean everyone is safe from termination?

  7. Keep piling it on. Ain't that right Capt. Chris?

  8. Hey did Zod send the SWAT team to Houston

  9. You want to talk about stealing time? How about John Ricerca parked at his house during the day when he's supposed to be at headquarters. Is like daddy-daycare with this guy. Takes the kids to school in his cop car, picks up milk for kids in his cop car, runs errands for his wife in the cop car, it never ends with the guy. Abuse!!