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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Westfield Police Lieutenant Leonard Lugo Demoted to Sergeant

Westfield police Lieutenant Leonard Lugo has been demoted in rank to patrol sergeant in the wake of a Union County Prosecutors Office investigation into his involvement in alleged police corruption and misconduct including authoring reports that covered up disgraced ex-police Chief David Wayman’s hit and run accident that occurred in March of 2018.  Wayman resigned on August 1, 2018 during the UCPO investigation.  (See previous TFoTM blog coverage)
Lugo’s demotion stems from disciplinary action against him for his misconduct.


  1. Does the officer in question lose the pay that is associated with the rank? Or does he just lose the rank? What is the total effect?

    1. Loses the pay associated with the rank.

    2. So then this demotion would have an effect on his pension, correct? He looks like he is retirement age for the profession.

    3. Pension is based on last year’s salary.
      50% at 20 years (which he reaches this year)
      65% at 25 years
      66% at 26 years
      67% at 27 years
      68% at 28 years
      69% at 29 years
      70% at 30 years (max)
      *New hires must complete 30 years for 65% under legislation passed by former Gov. Christie.

  2. Sounds like he lie lucky that is all that happened

  3. He should be fired. He can never testify in a court ever again without being questioned on his integrity.

  4. What about Lt. Jason McErlean? His initials are on the bogus reports that covered up Wayman’s hit & run and approved Leo’s reports.
    The BIG question for the administration is the failure to explain to the public the results of the Prosecutor ‘s investigation and/or the result of Town charges surrounding the filing of false police reports and reported missing items from the Property Room.

  5. Of course he wasn’t fired, he rolled over and sang like a birdie on Wayman. Rat. Can’t be trusted regardless.

  6. Wayman should not only of been fired, he should be indicted.

  7. Not one patrolman can honestly trust this guy. I’ll be laughing in lineup every time he gives an order knowing his integrity is in the shitter.

  8. If it were me, I’d be fired.

  9. Somewhere, Wayman is worried about what Lugo provided to the Prosecutors Office.

  10. Leo looks good in those stripes. He’s good at picking up coffee for the Lieutenant.

  11. Since Lyin’ Leo copped a deal to keep his job, but was demoted, will Wayman now be prosecuted?

  12. I don’t miss Wayman trolling the radio at night monitoring all the calls we were on. The guy was a micromanager beyond belief and drove the department into the ground.
    Leo just wanders around like he had his lunch money stolen.

  13. It’s going to snow Saturday night. Leo, get the pen ready just in case you’re needed to write a report to cover-up a hit and run accident involving a truck with a plow just like the one you covered up for fired police chief Driver 2 aka Wayman.