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Sunday, January 27, 2019

What Happened There, Happened Here......Revenge on The Whistleblower

When a police officer crosses the proverbial “thin blue line” to report corruption in his/her police department, they often face retaliation in the form of denied overtime, reassignment to a less desirable assignment, and false departmental charges all in an effort to silence the whistleblower.
What happened elsewhere has happened in Westfield and the taxpayers are left to pay the cost of lawsuits and frivolous disciplinary action against the officer......the whistleblower.
Whether it’s in the form of a paid suspension, departmental hearings also known as “kangaroo court,” or through settlements with the police officer, the residing taxpayers of the police department patrolling the streets of their town, are left on the hook for damages.
What happened in the town chronicled in the story below (tap on link), has happened in Westfield.....not once......but multiple times.
Whose to blame?  The rouge police chief or a town’s administration that is forced to defend the actions of a corrupt department head and his penchant for revenge?


  1. It happened at the DPW also.

    1. When did this happen at the DPW?

  2. No one cares about the DPW.

  3. I care about the DPW! They pick up my leaves and plow my street.

  4. Slow news days now that Wayman is gone??? Even slower now that your insider Riley is gone.

    1. slow news day now that corruption has been rooted out.
      Keep guessing sources. Wayman was unsuccessful in his attempt to uncover TFoTM’s sources when he conducted an internal investigation that went nowhere.
      The UCPO subpoena served on TFoTM to appear before a Union County grand jury to disclose its sources was quashed with the help of the ACLU.
      TFoTM sources remain plentiful and protected from disclosure.
      If only you knew.