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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Local Business Owner, Above the Law

A downtown business owner continues to flaunt Westfield Town parking ordinances.

In this photo, sent to The Fact of The Matter, business owner Rory Chadwick parked his company van in a NJ Transit bus stop and defended his illegal parking by stating no more buses were coming.

TFoTM suggests that Rory Chadwick familiarize himself with NJ Transit bus schedules and Westfield town parking ordinance 13-19 titled “Bus Stops.”

Chadwick can usually be seen riding around town on his motor scooter, illegally parking around downtown, between two legally parked motor vehicles.
Not only is it illegal to park between vehicles that are legally parked in marked spaces, he is avoiding paying the meter fees which in turn, denies the town its parking revenue which offsets taxes. This screws the local taxpayers.

Rory Chadwick posted his illegal parking excuse on Facebook and feels he is being picked on by those snapping photos of his parking arrogance.  The fact of the matter is that there is a simple solution, park legally. 

TFoTM suggests Rory Chadwick obey town parking ordinances.  Mr. Chadwick, you're not above the law.


  1. Feel free to go to the Westfield Municipal Court and sign a complaint yourself.

    Title 39 is discretionary

  2. Or - WPD could issue an appropriate summons, or NJTPD could do the same. Why are the law enforcement agencies not doing their job? Sounds like another case of turning the other cheek for a favored local jerk. From the words used in this article - specifically "continues to flaunt..." its clear this is not a one time event.

  3. Anyone that knows what going on also knows that if you fill a cops belly with free food, fill the Police coffers with cash, a blind eye gets turned towards your parking transgressions.
    As long as he continues to donate to the Westfield police, he’s untouchable. There has to be another reason why this convicted criminal partakes is this form of graft to keep the local police at bay.

  4. Another local with an entitlement complex. He pays to play in town so he is entitled to park where he wants. It's a psychological thing. Some therapy and a summons might help.

  5. You ever see that guy? He parks his motor bike illegally in front of his store so he doesn’t have to walk more than 10 feet. Any more and he will have a heart attack.
    Dude outweighs the motor bike. I feel sorry for that seat!

  6. With how fat he is, he’s basically handicapped. Let him park where he wants.

  7. I’ll bet that if you were to put a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake down the street, he will park his scooter there.

  8. He is repulsive.

  9. Just googled this slimebag...Mr Hoboken it seems!! Lovely pictures of him...yikes.

  10. Leave the Easter Bunny alone!😂😂😂

  11. Guys if you see him parking illegally anymore dont call WPD instead call county police and explain to them. He might have locals but county knows who and what he is

  12. Everything in that store smells like cigarettes! Good luck renting that space after he moves on. He's laundering money right?