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Friday, March 01, 2019

Westfield Police Widow Trashes Town Government After She Receives Lifetime Health Benefits

     Tammy Gabriel Lieberman, the estranged wife/widow of Westfield Police Detective Eric Lieberman, was awarded lifetime health benefits after Town officials and Westfield PBA 90 renegotiated the terms of retirement benefits for members and their families.

     One day later, after she received a letter from Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea, a letter that memorialized the town and PBA’s agreement, she took to Facebook to trash town government. 
Eric Lieberman
     The old PBA contract clause stated the following:
“....grants an employee with at least 15 years of service with the town and with at least 25 of years service with the Police and Fireman’s Retirement System, health coverage for employee and his or her dependents at retirement.”
     Detective Lieberman had served 27 years with Westfield and had 27 years vested in the PFRS.  
     However, Lieberman had not retired before his death making his dependents ineligible as per the wording in the contract between the Town and PBA.
     Recently, the town and PBA changed the wording to rid the contract of the clause requiring “retirement” in order to be eligible for lifetime benefits.
The contract is retroactive to January 1, 2019.  
Detective Lieberman passed away off duty in 2018. 
Tammy Gabriel Lieberman posted the following on Facebook.  She references an article written by a local online news source, and trashes town government towards the end of her Facebook post. 


  1. How dare you attack the hands that fed you what you begged for when the PBA contract stated you weren’t entitled to benefits because your estranged husband passed away before he retired.
    It wasn’t a loophole needing to be closed. It was a contract clause you fought to change to benefit yourself.
    You rallied your troops, you called the network news in, you circulated a petition, and this is how you treat Westfield’s mayor and government officials with your vitriol?
    How about all those pictures you gave Channel 7 news from your Facebook page that show you and your kids with Eric? They are so old and outdated. Why? Because you have no recent pictures of you, the boys, and Eric. You hated him. He didn’t file for divorce because he had sympathy for your needs battling cancer while you had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend.
    You weren’t even living together.
    I guess your $400K+ life insurance payout from the town along with your $62K+ a year pension from the state, for the rest of your life wasn’t good enough.
    How about the monthly disability you’re collecting and the babysitting you did under the table?
    I don’t want to take anything away from what you deserved but you stepped way over the line trashing the town government that assisted the Westfield PBA in granting you health benefits for life of which by contract law, you were not entitled to.

  2. “Thanks Eric for the reinforcements?”
    You’re thanking your dead husband, the one you drove to the grave?
    Your fake expressions for love of your husband is sickening.
    You sure you don’t have a mental illness?
    You’re unbelievable.
    The town and PBA should revoke what the gave you.

  3. You should be kissing westfield's ass you piece of shit

  4. That woman really is crazy.

  5. She says that people that know her know she’s “not about money” and uses a money emoji. Well, it is ALL about the money. That’s why Eric worked day and night, countless overtime, side jobs, to make more money because Tammy was all about the money 💵💵💵💰💰!
    She drove him to his grave and now is on a public tour of social media (Facebook) and network news to tell everyone how grateful she is of Eric and how much she loves him. I call bullshit.
    Her guilty conscience is getting the best of her, that is if she has a conscience at all.

  6. Kind of gives you a side of someone who turns out to be greedy, selfish, and ungrateful. Let us hope the loophole that is now closed will prevent others from creeping out of the woodwork and provide benefits to those who really deserve them. I am actually shocked at her post and regardless of the status of her relationship with her husband, she should have moved on without leaving the stink she claims others gave her.

  7. How dare she ..Eric worked his ass off to provide for her and the boys ..she was engaged and had her fiancé living with her.....he would not retire because he had a conscious and didn't want to take away the health insurance. She put that man in the grave with her evil and manipulating ways. what else could she possibly want, she has his kids, his money and lifetime health benefits not to mention she also took the dog that ERIC bought for him and his girlfriend. she needs mental help!!!!!

  8. She should use those benefits that she is NOT entitled to and take herself to a psychiatrist and get the mental health that she so desperately needs. I can’t believe how she has spun this tragedy. She is worse than anyone ever described her to be.
    Whatever happened to her fiancé?

  9. She should use those benefits that she is NOT entitled to and take herself to a psychiatrist and get the mental health that she so desperately needs. I can’t believe how she has spun this tragedy. She is worse than anyone ever described her to be.
    Whatever happened to her fiancé?

    1. I'm sure the fiancee' is in the wind, because the widow pension she gets would END upon a marriage. And possibly the health insurance

  10. Fuck her.. what about the kids? How are they doing? I hope they are being well taken care of.