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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Municipal Mold: Cleanup or Coverup?

The Fact of The Matter revealed to our readers an alleged mold contamination issue within the Westfield Municipal building.  Go to to read related story. 

See video by clicking on the following link:

TFoTM has learned that calls were placed to the Westfield Health Department alerting both Kenneth Pincus (Principal Registered Environmental Health Specialist) and Megan Avallone (Health Officer) of the mold issue.  Our source has revealed that both health department workers were unwilling to take a complaint without a name and telephone number associated with the complaint.  The caller stated that they did not want to give a name or number for fear of retaliation.

TFoTM placed calls to the Board of Health and were told that no complaint would be accepted from a town employee unless a name and telephone number was associated with the complaint.

Mayor Skibitsky and Town Administrator Jim Gildea, what has been done to correct this alleged mold issue?

What is the town doing to rectify the problem and protect the health of town employees and the visiting public while they are doing business within the Westfield Municipal Building.

Due to the fact that the local Board of Health is appointed by the Governing body of Westfield, TFoTM understands the fear of any municipal employee giving their name or telephone number out regardless of any confidentiality policy in place.

The following was copied from the Town of Westfield's website:
***Public health planning and policies are developed, implemented and monitored by each municipalities local Board of Health which is appointed by the Governing Body of each municipality. Each Board of Health is comprised of between five and nine members of the public representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds within the community.

Environmental Complaints
Anyone can process and environmental complaint by contacting the Department at the main telephone # (908) 789-4070 and filing the appropriate information to process the complaint.
Once a complaint has been filed, an inspector is assigned the complaint to verify the conditions alleged and process either an advisory notice or a formal notice of violation if corrective action is indicated to abate the nuisance.
Environmental complaints encompass but are not limited to the following categorical areas:
  1. Air Pollution
  2. Garbage/Rubbish/Solid Waste
  3. Hazardous Waste Spills
  4. Housing Violations
  5. Insects
  6. Lead Poisoning/Exterior Lead Paint
  7. No Heat
  8. Noise
  9. Potable Water
  10. Ragweed/Poison Ivy
  11. Rodents
  12. Sewage/Septic
  13. Underground Storage Tanks
  14. Water Pollution
  15. Unsanitary Conditions
  16. Misc. Complaints

Megan Avallone, MS, BSN, RN, HO
Health Officer
(908) 789-4070, Ext. 4073

Kenneth Pincus, BS
Principal Registered Environmental Health Specialist
Town of Westfield
(908) 789-4070, Ext. 4072


  1. Can mold make a person go crazy? Because last month Sgt SquirrEarl cursed out a hispanic patrolman for over 30 mins and even called him a F**king Retard.

  2. That sounds absurd that the board of health won't take a complaint unless you give your name and number.