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Monday, June 20, 2011

Can Westfield Afford To Go Volunteer, Can Volunteers Afford Westfield

Some have suggested that Westfield move in the direction of a volunteer fire department.

Can volunteers afford to live in Westfield?

Others have stated that volunteer departments exist in a majority of communities throughout the country. 

Go to the following link to read story on Princeton contemplating going from a volunteer fire department to a paid department.


  1. What I am trying to understand is: If the minimum staffing rule at a fire is two-in-two-out then why would anyone staff a firehouse with just three firemen? Three is not just short staffed to operate the ladder truck it is understaffed to do the work of a fighting fires. What is the Chief's response?

    Perhaps the solution is to close fire house number two and have all six firemen located at the main firehouse. That way we can operate the ladder and make sure that a full crew is available for a fire engine.

  2. maybe close house two,lay off some firemen and fully staff one firehouse. great idea. save tax dollars and the remaining firemen can start fighting fires again safely. dry your tears fellas. the party is over.

  3. wyle e coyote super geniusTuesday, June 21, 2011

    Here's a thought. Since Mutual aid is always on scene why not get rid of the chief and deputy chief save the town some bucks and why have all that brass around.

  4. With respect to: Can volunteers afford to live in Westfield? The WFD paid professional staff is currently augmented by about twenty volunteer firemen, so the answer is "Yes". That being said I would not advocate for an all-volunteer fire department although I would hope we could get a better managed department.

  5. Nobody that works for Westfield as full time employee can afford to live in town.

  6. Just a few years ago Gildea and the Chief went to court and stated publicly that they have the right to refuse any applicant to the fire department for any reason and the court agreed.
    If they were willing to go to the effort and expense to ensure someone doesn't volunteer in town, it seems unlikely they'll be looking to become an all volunteer department.

  7. " Nobody that works for Westfield as full time employee can afford to live in town."

    You obviously have no idea how much Police and Fire Fighters make.

  8. Westfield's Ladder truck that we can't seem to get to a single fire in Westfield was at the fire in Scotch Plains this morning. When they didn't get the manpower numbers they wanted, our firefighters suddenly now can find the resources to use the ladder truck. They wouldn't risk our safety in an attempt to ensure job security, would they?