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Sunday, September 25, 2011

If It's Free, It's For Me: Pick Up the Pickup

A Friend of Mindowaskin
Employees from the Westfield Department of Public Works have been cleaning up debris left behind by winds caused by Hurricane Irene.  As workers were clearing Mindowaskin Park of downed trees and branches, Captain David Wayman of the Westfield Police Department saw an opportunity to help out..... or help himself out.  It wouldn't be the first time Wayman would make a charitable contribution, to himself.  Reminiscent of the time he helped himself to cases of beer at a Holiday party he attended at Temple Emanuel, loading them into his vehicle's trunk, Captain Wayman raced home to pick up his pickup truck in which to load the free wintertime fuel.  The crafty Captain is no stranger to helping himself to the assets of the town. 

TFoTM would like to thank Captain Wayman for jumping in and lending a helping hand returning Mindowaskin Park to the serene setting it is known to be by removing fallen foliage that was destine for the DPW dump. 

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  1. Did Capt. Wayman use comp time for his wood gathering or did the taxpayers foot the bill. Guess hetook good notes from Rowe.

  2. America's Most WantedSunday, September 25, 2011

    Hey, at least he hasn't helped himself, or maybe he has, to the property locker or room where property is stored like Barney Tracy did. It wasn't uncommon to find the police departments "found property" finding its way to Tracy's garage via a five fingered discount. Dave, do you still have any of the John List file/evidence at your house as a keepsake? Oops, the cat is out of the bag now.

  3. What should be investigated is the "porn" locker Wayman has/had at WPD. Perv