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Monday, October 24, 2011

Wastefuel Spending While Pumping Taxpayer Gas Into Pumping Iron

He is at it again.  The entitled one is above reproach.
     On Saturday morning at approximately 11 am., the "de-pimped" D.A.R.E. vehicle donated to the Westfield Police Department was parked at Bally's gym in Clark while Westfield Police Captain Dave Wayman pumped iron inside.  It was at Bally's again on Monday around 11:30 am. 

     Captain Wayman began driving this gas guzzling S.U.V. when he ditched his police department issued 5-series BMW.  After spending thousands to outfit the BMW, the vehicle fell victim to the auction block due to the fact that it just didn't look right that a police department Captain was cruising around town in a BMW on the taxpayer.  Can you say Chevy Caprice or Ford Crown Vic? 
Town of Westfield Parking Permit
     Oh no, not for the golden boy that learned from his mentor B. Tracy on how to milk the system.  Dave is still riding that gravy train but the meatloaf is gettin' dry ever since B.T. retired.
     The 4x4 Chevy Tahoe outfitted with custom rims and deluxe custom interior became the apple of Wayman's eye when the police department discontinued the D.A.R.E. program in Westfield's public schools.  This former D.A.R.E. vehicle was immediately tagged by Wayman for not only official use, but for his own personal use.

      So taxpayers of Westfield, when you read in the town budget that gas consumption by town vehicles totaled over $300,000 this year, look no further than Captain Wayman's joyrides to the gym and elsewhere, on his day off, in our town owned vehicle.  We won't mention the use of this town owned vehicle to shuttle Captain Wayman to and from police softball games during the spring and summer softball season.  The aftermath of softball games can be a bar-hopping bonanza.  TFoTM hopes that Town Administrator Jim Gildea will put a stop to this 'wastefuel" spending.        

Click on the following link to read about the good Captains other exploits.

Read how Captain Wayman receives free parking downtown with his free parking permit seen in a picture above.


  1. Would someone please explain to me how this guy drives a BMW and now this vehicle? There are no tax ramifications or expenses that this police officer has to incur for this benefit. On top of his probably overpaid salary and benefits, he gets a vehicle that cost we the taxpayers a bundle to fill up with gas and maintain. Shame on this town for allowing this stuff to go on. Typical.