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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fatal Accident at North Ave. & Tuttle Pkwy Crosswalk

     The Westfield Police Department is investigating a fatal accident on North Ave. at the intersection of Tuttle Pkwy.  A vehicle traveling eastbound on North Ave. struck and killed a woman that had exited her vehicle in an attempt to assist a pedestrian that she had just struck with her own vehicle.   

     On July 26, 2005, Westfield's Consulting Engineer Gordon Meth authored a report titled "Traffic Calming and Safety Improvements for Eight (8) Locations." The report lists North and Tuttle as one of the locations.     
     The report goes on to state the following, "To specifically address several hot-spot locations, the Public Safety, Transportation, and Parking Committee of the governing body of Westfield formed a Citizen's Traffic Advisory Committee." "Based primarily on the magnitude of requests and prioritization by the Westfield Police Department, eight (8) locations were chosen for a detailed study." 
     North and Tuttle was categorized as a location that involves traffic and pedestrian safety around a school. What has the Town done to improve safety for pedestrians at this location since the report was issued in 2005 and identified the location as a "hot-spot? coverage, comments and web link:

Westfield Patch coverage, comments and web link:


  1. Why do these senseless deaths have to happen. Common sense tells us to cross when and where it is safe. This area is not safe according to your story and has been pinpointed by the town as an area that needs to be addressed. What is the town waiting for. When to cross the street is a different issue. Pedestrians need to be careful when crossing dark roadways. Don't always assume a driver sees you.

  2. Hey Dave....
    Who was the cute blonde you were chatting up at the scene.....

  3. May have been a combination of things: low street light level,dark clothes worn by pedestrian or car with extra bright headlights coming from other direction blinding driver that struck pedestrian.