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Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 TFoTM Most Read Blog Stories

TFoTM Top 10 Blog Story Internet Hits for 2018

1.  Up Next: Police Chief Orchestrates Cover-up

2.  DPW Bilks Overtime

3.  Westfield Police Chief Is Out

4.  WPD Lt. Lugo Hires Attorney

5.  Hit & Run Involving WPD Chief Wayman

6.  Town Admin. Jim Gildea Strikes Out

7.  WPD Lt. Lugo Authors Phony Hit & Run Report

8. (tie)  WPD Makes a Wish Come True

8. (tie)  Det. Lieberman's Estranged Widow Seeks Lifetime Health Benefits

10.  Chris Battiloro Named Westfield Police Chief


  1. I heard Lt. Lugo’s New Years resolutions are to not steal anything from the property room and not falsify any reports to coverup crimes.

    I’m still smiling!
    Have you groomed anyone at the bar recently?
    Have you stolen anything recently?
    Have you lied recently?
    It’s a new year and you’re bound to do something stupid.